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Politeness Isn’t Only for People: Why It’s Important for Networks, Too

Wi-Fi, the connectivity technology that Broadcom champions as the workhorse of the unlicensed wireless spectrum, has crept into new corners of our lives over the years, enabling the “anytime, anywhere” connectivity experience to grow beyond the personal computer and reach our smartphones, tablets, wearables and myriad Internet-connected gadgets at home.

One of the reasons Wi-Fi has become a consumer success story is because of another unsung property: It “plays nice” when using the wireless spectrum. In other words, Wi-Fi is

“Game of Interns” Wage (Engineering) War in WICED Hackathon

A tricked-out kitchen timer could be a new entrée to the home automation trend that’s driving forward the Internet of Things.

Given a 16-hour deadline, unlimited energy drinks and of course, lots of munchies, Broadcom invited the current class of northern California-based engineering interns to tinker with the WICED™ platform and create something new.

Team “POSACS”— Positive Optimistic Service and All Connected Systems — hacked their way to a win with a WICED™ Wi-Fi platform at Broadcom’s “Game of Interns” …

Nick Ilyadis in RCR Wireless: “Significant Investment in Mobile Network Infrastructure is Essential”

Editor’s NoteBroadcom experts often weigh in on popular topics on industry sites around the Web. Below is a reprint of a story that appeared in RCR Wireless, in which Nick Ilyadis, Vice President and Chief Technical Officer, Infrastructure and Networking Group at Broadcom, talks about how carriers must invest in infrastructure to meet growing data demands.

From RCR Wireless:

A look at the demand profile for 4G/LTE communications shows what’s in store for network developers. A recent Cisco Systems forecast …

Rochan Sankar in SDN Central: “Ethernet Speed Transitions Trigger Rapid Change in Ethernet Performance”

Editor’s NoteBroadcom experts often weigh in on popular topics on industry sites around the Web. Below is a reprint of a story that appeared in SDN Central, in which Rochan Sankar,  Director, Product Marketing in the Infrastructure and Networking group at Broadcom, talks about the new 25/50 Gigabit Ethernet Standard.

From SDN Central:

A great deal of attention has historically been paid to Ethernet speed transitions in the market. Networking vendors, consumers, and industry analysts …

Model B+: Raspberry Pi Ups its Game with New Improvements

The Raspberry Pi — an affordable, bare-bones computer that’s about the size of a credit card — hasn’t changed much since its release more than two years ago. This week, the beloved microcomputer got a mini-facelift, and the result is the new and improved Raspberry Pi Model B+.

Broadcom technical director Eben Upton, who is also the co-founder and public face of the U.K.-based Raspberry Pi Foundation, declared that “this isn’t a ‘Raspberry Pi 2’, but rather the …

Why Unlicensed Spectrum Allocation is Critical to the Next Wave of Innovation

Over the years, consumers have been quick to adopt the technologies made possible by wireless spectrum, the invisible airwave frequencies that deliver everything from radio and TV broadcasts to Wi-Fi Internet connections.

Yet, as more people become armed with more wireless devices, the congestion across these frequencies increases and the performance of the signals begins to erode.

Ever try to upload a photo to a social media site from a crowded event? Chances are that it took several tries for …

New Consortium: Faster, More Cost-Effective Ethernet Possible at 25 / 50 Gbps

Have a cursory look around the consumer technology landscape and this much is evident: Everything is moving to the cloud.

The cloud is home to data in the form of photos, videos, software applications, books, music and e-commerce, financial transactions – and that is just the tip of the iceberg. This massive amount of data—7.7 zettabytes by the end of 2017, according to Cisco— is constantly being collected, computed, stored and called up from any device anywhere, by consumers

Broadcom Enables Next-Gen Smartwatches to Get Armed with Wi-Fi

Consumers have come to expect peak performance from whatever connected device they are toting — a demand that’s trickling down to smartwatches.

The next generation of smartwatches — the most promising devices to emerge in the wearables category — are predicted to have similar functionality as their smartphone sidekicks.

Wi-Fi opens up a whole range of use cases that would enable consumers to get more functionality out of their smartwatches, with new possibilities for listening to music, tracking health and …

Technology Leap: 5GWiFi Helps DISH’s New Wireless Joey Cut the Set-Top Box Cord

Satellite TV provider DISH Network recently upped the ante on the cord-cutting craze with its Wireless Joey™ system, the first 802.11ac Wi-Fi set-top box to leap beyond the living room.

The wires that the Joey ditches are being replaced with 5G WiFi – Broadcom’s brand name for the 802.11ac Wi-Fi standard that’s recognized as faster, longer-range and more robust than previous generations.

TV set-top boxes are part of a growing collection of new devices – including home networking routers, …

Broadcom and Other Tech Leaders Form IoT Consortium to Accelerate Interoperability for Connected Devices

The tidal wave of Internet-connected gadgets – everything from fitness-monitoring wristbands to thermostats to door locks – makes clear the imperative of interoperability.

The central questions among the embedded technology companies that make these devices tick: How do the expected 212 billion Internet of Things (IoT) devices get connected to the Internet? And how do they “talk” to the device (smartphone or tablet) that’s managing them?

“Interoperability will be a critical enabler as the IoT ecosystem continues to evolve,” said …