Dana Brzozkiewicz heads public relations for the Broadband Communications Groups at Broadcom, heightening visibility on how Broadcom powers brand new TV and broadband experiences in the connected home. She holds a degree in Journalism and has worked in tech communications for over 10 years.

Pay TV Goes Global: Countdown to Russia’s Digital Transition

Paid television services are on a growth tear in countries around the world — and Russia is emerging as a standout.

At the CSTB Conference in Moscow this week, Broadcom’s Dan Marotta, executive vice president and general manager of the Broadband Communications Group, will address the attendees from the keynote stage to talk about the technologies that enable the portability of video and introduce the company’s latest offerings for the country’s upcoming switch to digital TV.

“Russian audiences increasingly …

Broadcom and Samsung Bring Google’s Android Experience to the TV

The momentum behind the growth of Google’s Android ecosystem is showing no signs of a slowdown. Android’s online store, counts some 700,000 apps and games in its portfolio and last year added movies, TV shows, music, books, news and magazines to the lineup. In September, Google’s Eric Schmidt said there are already more than a half-billion Android devices on the market and that more than one million new devices are activated daily.

Now, Google is taking it to the next …

Connected Home Technologies: See the Enhanced In-Home Experience at CES

The ultimate connected home is heading to Las Vegas for the big Consumer Electronics Show next month and the top home networking alliances are getting ready for more than just demos of their technologies. This year, the focus is on how they work together to bring home connectivity to the next level.

Those networking groups’ technology standards – Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA), HomePlug, Multimedia over Coax (MoCA) and Wi-Fi – are already working in today’s home. Multi-room …

Powerline Communications: Standard Outlets Boost Home Networks

The original in-home network – the series of wires and outlets that carry standard electricity from kitchen to bedroom to living room – will soon be taking connectivity to the next level. With a recent standards revamp for a technology known as Powerline Communications, or PLC, the everyday wall outlets that are already powering consumer electronics devices in the home are being tapped to provide access to the Internet, too.

That’s an important development for the consumer electronics industry as …

C-DOCSIS Greenlighted, Ushers Next-Gen Broadband to China

As the cable TV and broadband experience in China goes through an upgrade, government officials are looking to standardize the underlying architecture so that operators not only can offer a reliable, high quality TV and Internet experience but also accelerate deployment of services for cable devices.

This initiative, known as Next Generation Broadband, or NGB, is driving the convergence of networks in China to accelerate so-called “triple play” services of voice, video and data that are bundled for consumers.

Broadcom …

Broadcom Powers Huawei’s Small Cell Rollout

Small cells are big business for telecom service providers looking to better serve their data-hungry customers.

Yet as data use skyrockets, so does demand on the networks. Information and communication technology companies are challenged to find ways to deliver faster and more efficient cellular connectivity with their existing 3G networks.

The answer may lie in small cells, a relatively new market for Broadcom that helps operators get the most out of their networks and delivers seamless connectivity to heavy data …

Inside the Boxee TV: Broadcom Powers “No Limits DVR”

Editor’s Note (7/8/13): Boxee is now part of Samsung Electronics Inc. and as of July 10, 2013, will no longer be offering Cloud DVR service to subscribers. For more information, see Boxee’s announcement on their website.

They call it “No Limits DVR,” a TV service that saves your favorite TV recordings to the cloud, instead of a hard drive, and not only allows you the unlimited space to store them but also the streaming capabilities to watch them from any …

Broadcom’s Community Wi-Fi Named Finalist for Best New Cable Service

The spotlight is on Broadcom’s Community Wi-Fi software service as the newest go-to technology for cable subscribers, according to Light Reading, a top source for news for the communications industry.

Community Wi-Fi was recently named as a finalist in the“Best New Cable Service or Application” category by for Light Reading’s Leading Lights awards. A run down on the technology: Broadcom’s software, coupled with a DOCSIS 3.0-enabled cable set-top box or media gateway allows cable operators to offer on …

IPTV Revolution in Your Living Room: Broadcom at IBC Amsterdam

The digital revolution is heading for the living room – and at the center of it all are the devices that change the way people not only watch, but also interact, with their televisions.

This week, the top broadcast content providers and broadband technology makers are showcasing the best of the digital TV revolution at the International Broadcasting Convention in Amsterdam.

Count on seeing Broadcom’s innovative technologies across the show floor, in devices that many of our partners and customers …

Hello Sao Paulo: Digital TV Takes Over in Brazil

Brazil is ready for a change in how it watches TV. Brazilian households that will switch from analog to digital terrestrial (DTT), or over-the-air, are expected to grow by a staggering 400 percent in the next few years.

Today at ABTA — the top broadcasting show for pay-TV and broadband in Latin America — Broadcom is helping to usher Brazil into the future of TV.

By supporting existing terrestrial broadcasts, Broadcom’s new technology delivers ISDB-T digital TV broadcasts with lower