Lars Johnsson is senior director of product marketing for mobile LTE platforms in the Mobile and Wireless Group at Broadcom. He’s responsible for the LTE modem roadmap and products and, as co-founder of Flarion Technologies, was an early advocate of OFDMA all IP networks, which form the basis of today's LTE networks. He joined Broadcom with its 2010 acquisition of Beceem Communications.

VoLTE Jolts Voice Calls into the 21st Century

In the stampede to roll out the best and fastest mobile services and apps, wireless carriers are investing in a mobile broadband network technology called Long Term Evolution, or LTE, that offers consumers a mobile connection to the Web that’s comparable to the broadband access and speeds they enjoy at home. While it’s well known that LTE technology packs a powerful data punch, few realize that it doesn’t inherently support plain old voice calls on its own. When a call…

Designed for a 4G World: Broadcom 4G LTE Unleashed

In today’s mobile ecosystem, two driving forces work in parallel: The rapid adoption of smartphones and tablets and the surging demand for access to content over a network that’s faster, more reliable and is available anytime and anywhere. To meet those demands, carriers have been rolling out next-generation 4G LTE devices so on-the-go consumers can browse the Web, upload photos and stream media at speeds comparable to what they have at home. Today, Broadcom is unveiling the BCM21892, the industry’s…