Nicholas (Nick) Ilyadis is VP and Chief Technical Officer of the Infrastructure and Networking Group at Broadcom. He oversees product strategy for a broad portfolio of Ethernet chip products including Network Switch, High Speed Controllers, PHY, Enterprise WLAN, SerDes, Processors and Security. He’s held executive and engineering roles at Nortel Networks, Digital Equipment Corp. and Itek Optical Systems. He holds master’s and bachelor’s degrees in electrical engineering.

SDN: A Sea Change in the Data Center

Short for Software Defined Networking, SDN has become the latest enterprise tech acronym to buzz around the data center — and rightfully so.

Information technology professionals are excited about the potential benefits of turning the complex task of provisioning, optimizing and monitoring network traffic over to software.

It’s one of the main themes of this year’s Interop trade show, which kicked off this week in Las Vegas and is set to feature workshops and panels that will ask crowds of network …

OFC in Anaheim: Optical Transport in Focus

When all of our communications were dominated by voice, circuit-based connections ruled the day for optical network deployments. Long-duration connections would exist between multiple points in a network, and information would flow between those points. Even if there was no information moving — the silence during a phone call, for example — those connections still existed and reserved their required bandwidth.

The world is different today. The rise of the Internet as the backbone of modern-day communications means that the …

Broadcom Takes on BYOD: It Starts in the Network

Gartner has called the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) trend the “single most radical shift” in business computing since the PC invaded the workplace – and Broadcom is gearing up for even greater momentum around BYOD in 2013 with technologies that will address the challenges head-on.

For office workers, BYOD means more flexibility for the work environment, which makes them more productive while also allowing them to have a better work-life balance. But for IT departments, BYOD can be a

Demystifying the Data Center, Part 2: The Potential of Power Reduction

Environmentally friendly alternatives like electric vehicles, eco-friendly modular homes, and alternative energy sources are in a race for sustainability as we attempt to slow down the cumulative effects of pollution, the thirst for technology and its demands on power consumption.

Technology can be one of the biggest contributors to greenhouse gas emissions with people’s dependence on computers and mobile devices taxing data centers and the networks connecting them. It’s a complex equation: How do we balance performance and power with …

Demystifying the Data Center, Part 1: Power Consumption Matters

With spiraling energy costs and increased demand for computing power comes a heightened focus on “greening” the data center. The topic has attracted even more attention of late after the recent New York Times investigation and multipart series about the impact of the cloud on the environment.

In an effort to enlighten the public on the true cost of constant iPhone use, Facebook-scrolling and Internet-surfing habits – including tallying the environmental toll exacted by the  data centers run by Yahoo, …