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MEMS and More: Sensor Technologies that will Drive the Internet of Things

MEMS – or Micro electro-mechanical systems – are a very tiny component, literally. The low-power sensors are just a thousandth of an inch in size, and chances are you didn’t hear much about them in all of the news that came out of the annual International Consumer Electronics Show earlier this month.

Still, they’ve been called “the unsung heroes many of our favorite and beloved technologies” by the Mashable tech blog, which also acknowledged how MEMS are “particularly critical …

Parrot’s Drones: Let’s Hear it for the Toys

While the International Consumer Electronics Show is fading into memory, there’s one class of gadgets that continue to fly high in tech headlines: Drones.

These flying, hopping, roving vehicles were all over the show floor (and in the air) last week in Las Vegas, with Parrot SA showing off its collection in the South Hall.

This new crop of personal — or hobbyist — drones have come a long way from the remote controlled gadgets of past years. They come …

Kudos for 4K Joey: Broadcom Processors Inside DISH’s Award-Winning Ultra HD Set-Top Box

If there’s one clear trend to emerge from the International Consumer Electronics Show last week, it’s that 4K television is well on its way to the mainstream.

Ultra HD television sets are coming down in price and the industry is seeing an uptick in 4K content production, including efforts by Sony (in partnership with Netflix), AmazonYouTube and satellite operator DirecTV.

Broadcom is collaborating behind the scenes with industry leaders, including DISH, on the missing piece: How …

Big Power in a Tiny Package: Broadcom Drives New, Smaller Set-Top Boxes that Boost Security, Wi-Fi Performance

LAS VEGAS — Once again, this week’s International Consumer Electronics Show is highlighting big trends around the living room television experience. But in addition to thousands of TVs packed with pixels or screens with sleek curves, some of the excitement this year is focused on the familiar set-top box.

Responsible for delivering content to the viewer’s screen, the traditional set-top box (STB) is not only shrinking in size but also gaining new capabilities, bringing new life to a class of …

CES 2015: Broadcom’s Blog Squad Geared Up for the Greatest (Tech) Show on Earth

With more than 160,000 people expected to arrive in Las Vegas next week for the annual International Consumer Electronics Show, there isn’t much room left for those who are simply curious about the next big thing to come out of the tech industry.

That’s why we’ve rounded up a crew of bloggers — three lucky Broadcom interns and one seasoned blogger — to take in the full CES experience and share it with all of you, via blog posts …

International “Car” Electronics Show? CES 2015 Rolls on with Connected Cars in the Fast Lane

Take a glance around the cavernous halls of the Las Vegas Convention Center, as well as the breezeways outside, and you might mistake the 2015 International Consumer Show for an exhibition for the auto industry.

The Consumer Electronics Association, which puts on the yearly tech-fest, said it expects a record 10 automakers to exhibit at the show and will cover more than 165,000 square feet of space, up 17 percent from a year ago. 

Add to that the high-profile

CES 2015: Let NFC Personalize Your Ride

Consumers know that the ultimate mobile device is the one that’s on four wheels – and Broadcom’s technology is increasingly geared toward bringing the smartphone experience to the car.

Today Broadcom at the International Consumer Electronics Show announced the BCM89095, an which offers automotive-grade support for the popular “tap-to-activate” technology called Near Field Communication (NFC).

Tech-savvy consumers will likely recognize NFC as a convenient way to pair up devices (such as a Bluetooth headset with a mobile phone) …

Home, “Smart” Home: How WICED™ Will Change the Way We Live

It’s not often you can find a sure bet in Las Vegas but if you’re looking for one at next week’s International Consumer Electronics Show, you can bet top dollar that 2015 is the year that the Internet of Things is going to get a lot closer to home.

In fact, the advent of “smart homes” might make the Internet of Things (IoT) seem like less of an esoteric buzzword and more like something we experience every day.

Broadcom’s …

Why Smart Health Solutions May Be the Best Medicine

With the arrival of a New Year, expect the annual flood of self-improvement resolutions and the bumper crop of new devices to help keep the reformed on track. This year, there’s a new generation of smart health devices available – and they’ve come a long way from the days of calorie-counters and pedometers.

Today’s wearables and other sophisticated, sensor-laden gadgets can be used to track sleep, glucose levels, oxygen intake, blood pressure, weight – and even your mood.

The vast …

Nick Ilyadis in Wireless Mag: “Big Data Will Be Critical to Wearable Healthcare Devices”

Editor’s NoteBroadcom experts often weigh in on popular topics on industry sites around the Web. Below is a reprint of a story that appeared in Wireless Mag, in which Nick Ilyadis, chief technical officer, Infrastructure and Networking Group at Broadcom, talks about how the rise of connected health monitors will create a surge in demand for Big Data services.

From Wireless Mag:

The Internet of Things (IoT) phenomenon continues to ramp at an astonishing rate, notably in healthcare …