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Broadcom Helps Old Electronics Get a Second Act in California Schools

Broadcom’s focus on research and development means that technological innovation is at the forefront of everything we do. But “out with the old, in with the new” doesn’t have to mean the end for thousands of usable electronics.

Broadcom’s Earth Day efforts in Southern California are taking a new twist on electronic waste recycling this year. The company is partnering with Chico, Calif.,-based Computers for Classrooms, a non-profit group that collects and refurbishes electronics for students in California schools, …

Broadcom’s GPS Technology Stands Up Against Major Satellite Constellation Outage

To understand the long reach of Broadcom’s innovative technologies, consider the company’s ability to respond to an unprecedented event that occurred in outer space earlier this month that affected millions of GPS users.

On April 1, Russia’s GLONASS satellite positioning system was hit by a major disruption that spanned half a day and impacted satellite navigation systems well beyond Russia’s borders.

The satellite systems are vitally important for a range of operations — from everyday smartphone users to the airplanes, ships …

Broadcom’s Joe Del Rio at NAB: “Consumer TV Behavior is Shifting” [VIDEO]

The way consumers interact with their TV content is constantly evolving.

Joseph Del Rio, associate product line director in the Broadband Communications Group at Broadcom, earlier this month sat down with Beet TV at the National Associate of Broadcaster’s yearly trade show in Las Vegas for an interview that covered the “then” and “now” of how consumers engage with their television content.

He gave a nod to the on-screen channel guide, personal video recording and the ability to “sling” …

Samsung Galaxy S5 Hits Stores, Chock Full of Broadcom Tech

One of the most-anticipated smartphones of the season hits the store shelves today. And thanks to the techies who take apart products to see what’s inside, consumers already know that the Samsung Galaxy S5 is much more than a pretty screen.

First teased at Mobile World Congress, the Android-based Galaxy S5 has been generating quite a bit of buzz in recent weeks as device enthusiasts have been eager to know what’s inside this newest smartphone. Now, it’s been revealed

Chris O’Reilly in EDN Magazine: “As Security Threats Evolve, Innovation at the Silicon Level is Critical.”

Editor’s Note: Broadcom experts often weigh in on popular topics on industry sites around the Web. Below is a reprint of a story that appeared in EDN Magazine, in which Chris O’Reilly, senior director of  product marketing, Infrastructure and Networking Group at Broadcom, talks about the increased need for chip level security in server technology.

From EDN:

Fast, reliable network connectivity is at the heart of business today – powering critical infrastructure systems, internal business operations, customer-facing communications and …

An ‘Always-On” World: Enabling GPS and Wearable Sensors with Less Power

A few weeks ago, we talked about how Broadcom’s bringing more accurate GPS technology to wearable devices. But that’s only part of the story—sensors play a big role, too.

Sensors — such as gyroscopes, barometers, accelerometers and others — are what enable our connected devices to collect useful data about our bodies and the environment.

On our smartphones, sensors do things like recognize gestures, help us get our bearings and send us driving directions. With fitness-trackers, health monitors …

Runners’ Peeve: Lagging GPS?

Ever see a gaggle of marathon runners at the starting line holding their smartwatches skyward? They’re looking for that first GPS satellite ping, the one that enables their gadgets to get a fix on their locations.

For outdoor runners, GPS gets hung up on two problems.

For one, satellite-based GPS is often slow to pick up on the “first fix” to begin tracking a route. Second, once it has a fix on location, GPS can experience interference as signals get …

Ali Abaye in Yahoo Voices: “The Connected Car Will Transform into a Digital Living Room on Wheels”

Editor’s Note: Broadcom experts often weigh in on popular topics on industry sites around the Web. Below is a reprint of a story that appeared in Yahoo Voices, in which Dr. Ali Abaye, Senior Director of Product Marketing, Infrastrucutre and Networking Group at Broadcom, talks about the future of connected cars.

From Yahoo Voices

When mobile phones first appeared, few could have foreseen the revolutionary lifestyle changes this small device would catalyze. The evolutionary leap to smartphones has …

Lifehacker List: 5G WiFi-Powered Routers Make the Cut

The router — the humble, antennae-topped box at the heart of home wireless local area networks — isn’t the most celebrated consumer electronics device.

Still, it’s a gadget important enough for life-improvement blog Lifehacker to put out a call last week for its readers to take a “fresh look” at the best ones on the market.

The results are in, and Broadcom’s 802.11ac Wi-Fi connectivity technology is the common denominator among four out of the five devices on Lifehacker’s list

Greg Fischer in TeleAnalysis: Can Small Cells Rescue Cities From Increasing Network Congestion?

Editor’s Note: Broadcom experts often weigh in on popular topics on industry sites around the Web. Below is a reprint of a story that appeared in TeleAnalysis, in which Greg Fischer, SVP & General Manager, Broadband Carrier Access Business Unit, Broadband Communications Group at Broadcom, talks about the importance of small cell deployments.

From TeleAnalysis:

By 2017, the 7-billion-plus mobile Internet connections on personal devices and machine-to-machine applications will exceed the world’s population. That’s an impressive number to be …