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Raspberry Pi Heads to the Final Frontier, with Help from UK Students

The Raspberry Pi, a $35 microcomputer designed for the Raspberry Pi Foundation by co-founder and Broadcom engineer Eben Upton, has seen its share of adventures.

It’s been presented to the Queen at Buckingham Palace, flown with weather balloons into Earth’s atmosphere, and according to a recent blog post, reached a staggering milestone of 5 million units sold.

Now, thanks to a joint effort between the Raspberry Pi Foundation, the UK Space Agency and the European Space Agency

Broadcom’s Reach at CES 2015 Catches Media Attention

LAS VEGAS — The International Consumer Electronics Show, much like most industry trade shows, allow companies a chance to showcase their latest products, offer a peek at products on the year-ahead road map and hold face-to-face meetings with customers and partners.

But one of the bigger wins at a show like CES is news coverage. Thousands of journalists and bloggers from around the world converge on Las Vegas for CES so that their readers and viewers can also get

Vlog Roll: Broadcom Blog Squad Reports on Top CES Demos [VIDEOS]

LAS VEGAS — As the International Consumer Electronics Show wraps up, there’s always some regret among attendees about what they may have missed. To help out those who might have missed Broadcom’s headlines, we dispatched a team of Blog Squadders to the Broadcom booth for a close-up look at some of this year’s top technologies.

Here’s what they found:

Wireless Charging Gets Real: It’s been a long time coming, but a universal wireless charging solution is closer than ever now

How Big is Broadcom’s Impact on the Internet? You’ll Be Amazed.

Take a moment and let this statistic sink in: 99.98 percent of all Internet traffic crosses at least one Broadcom chip.

All Internet traffic.

Sure, that could be a tough stat to get your head around, given all of the web pages and mobile apps and videos and social media updates and everything else that runs through the Internet’s pipelines. But when you think about all of the places where Broadcom products are found – in mobile devices, home networking …

CTO Henry Samueli in The Hindu Business Line: “The driving force behind the IoT is low-cost wireless connectivity”

Editor’s NoteBroadcom experts often weigh in on popular topics on industry sites around the Web. Below is a reprint of a story that appeared in The Hindu Business Line, in which Dr. Henry Samueli,  chief technical officer and chairman of the board at Broadcom, talks about how the Internet of Things will fuel engineering innovation. 

From The Hindu Business Line:

The Internet of Things (IoT) is shaping up to be one of the more disruptive market …

CEO Scott McGregor in VentureBeat: The IoT Winners Will Be Those That Can Create Complete Solutions

The Internet’s next frontier is being defined by the work of the new entrepreneurs – the hobbyists, the tinkerers, the DIY-ers – and Broadcom is arming them with the tools they need to bring their visions to life.

In a recent interview with Venture Beat’s Dean Takahashi, Broadcom’s President and Chief Executive Scott McGregor discussed Broadcom’s push into sensor-loaded wearables and the device-driven Internet of Things with its WICED™ platform, noting that the creative types are the ones primed …

Have Wi-Fi, Will Travel: Wi-Fi Alliance Improves Passpoint for Better on-the-go Experiences

As a growing number of consumers rely on connected smartphones to manage their daily tasks – both work and play – the availability of widespread, robust Wi-Fi connections becomes important. To meet those demands, a growing number of “managed,” or “service provider,” Wi-Fi networks are starting to be being offered by cable companies, ISPs and even by savvy retailers and businesses.

Consumers benefit because they get easy access to a reliable Wi-Fi connection wherever they roam. In exchange, businesses get …

Industry Watchers See New Data Center Configurations, Cost Savings Potential for StrataXGS® Tomahawk

Broadcom recently invited market analysts and tech bloggers to a lab in San Jose, Calif. for a first-hand look at its new Ethernet switch family, StrataXGS® Tomahawk™.

In the works for some time, the Tomahawk switch family earned high marks from the handful bloggers and reporters who follow embedded silicon players in the industry.

Among other features, they noted its ability to scale, its cost savings potential, and a feature set that enables a smooth transition to software defined networking …

Got a WICED™ Idea? What Would You Build with Broadcom’s Embedded Wireless Tech?

Broadcom’s WICED™ platform has sparked the imaginations of Internet of Things developers, smart engineers who are rolling out products and applications that showcase the power – and potential – of the technology.

In recent weeks, Broadcom and its partners have made a slew of announcements for new devices that tap the out-of-the –box connectivity experience that WICED offers to developers, entrepreneurs and startups.

  • Netatmo is using WICED™ Wi-Fi to enable a collaboration with French designer Philippe Starke for a stylish,

Technology Leap: 5GWiFi Helps DISH’s New Wireless Joey Cut the Set-Top Box Cord

Satellite TV provider DISH Network recently upped the ante on the cord-cutting craze with its Wireless Joey™ system, the first 802.11ac Wi-Fi set-top box to leap beyond the living room.

The wires that the Joey ditches are being replaced with 5G WiFi – Broadcom’s brand name for the 802.11ac Wi-Fi standard that’s recognized as faster, longer-range and more robust than previous generations.

TV set-top boxes are part of a growing collection of new devices – including home networking routers, …