Peter Guanjie Zhao is a former quality assurance intern at Broadcom. He is a third-year international student from Brazil pursuing his undergraduate degree in Computer Science and Business at the University of British Columbia. Peter is a polyglot vegetarian and a huge soccer fan. In his free time, you can find him working at the independent film production studio he co-founded, Darklight Productions, which specializes in producing short films, commercials and event coverage. Check out some of his work on YouTube.

From CES 2013: Dish Hopper DVR Powered by Broadcom [Video]

Broadcom partner Dish Network made a splash last year when it trotted out a real, live joey (that’s a baby kangaroo, for the non-Aussies) to introduce the Hopper, a digital video recorder that lets consumers watch TV in any room of the house. Cute, furry marsupials are a tough act to follow, but Dish is making a go of it again with it’s newest Hopper DVR. The biggest addition this year is that Dish was able to integrate Slingbox’s “fling”…

Hands On with the uWand, Changing the Remote Control Experience with Broadcom Tech [Video]

Even the laziest of couch potatoes might agree that pressing buttons on the TV remote is the most passive way of interacting with the latest generation of smart TVs. Thankfully, gaming systems like the Nintendo Wii (with its gesture-based Wiimotes) have ushered in a new understanding of how consumers can get hands-on with the tube. At the International Consumer Electronics Show this week, Philips is showcasing its partnership with Broadcom and others by demoing a sophisticated new gesture-based remote control,…