Broadcom CEO Talks Smartphones and 5G WiFi on CNBC

Broadcom CEO Scott McGregor took to the airwaves on CNBC during the first day of the International Consumer Electronics Show to talk about some of the hottest technologies being showcased here.Scott McGregor on CNBC

In the clip, the interview with McGregor begins at about the :30 mark and continues to about 4:20.  He covers a number of topics, including smartphone advancements, the adoption of 5G WiFi and the technology that’s powering tomorrow’s TVs.

A couple of the key takeaways from McGregor in the interview:

  • “Broadcom makes the connectivity chips in most smartphones. We’ve been able to create really competitive chips out there and they’re widely used across the whole industry so we’re delighted when people buy smartphones. That’s good for Broadcom, generally.”
  • “We do see our 5G WiFi chips really taking off this year. We’ll start to see those this quarter and probably by the end of the year, you’ll see most of the high-end smartphones carrying 5G WiFi. It really gives you better performance, faster, less battery usage, better range. It’s pretty much good on all counts.”

Visit the CNBC website to view the full video clip.

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