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Broadcom’s Commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility

At Broadcom, we believe it takes more than just innovative products to measure our success and the value we provide to customers. We’re particularly proud of the strides we’ve taken to be a responsible global citizen – focusing on best practices to respect the environment, support our communities and improve the quality of life for future generations.

To hold ourselves accountable to these high standards, Broadcom maintains a number of benchmarks that are reported in an annual Corporate Social Responsibility

Broadcom’s Scott McGregor Honored with UCLA Executive Leadership Award

As an innovative technology company, Broadcom takes pride in seeing the impact that its efforts have — whether increasing efficiency in the data center or improving an end-user’s experience with a new device. And while that alone can be a driving force around campus, some recognition from time to time is nice, too.

Last week, Broadcom President and Chief Executive Scott McGregor was recognized for his personal contributions to the growth of innovation in IT and awarded the Executive Leadership Award …

Sophie Wilson, Co-Creator of ARM Processor, Wins Innovation Award

Two computer scientists from the U.K., one of whom is a Broadcom Distinguished Engineer, have been named this year’s winners in the Computing & Telecommunications category of The Economist’s Innovation Awards.

Sophie Wilson, Broadcom’s Senior Technical Director of Integrated Circuit Design, and Steve Furber, a professor of Computer Engineering at the University of Manchester, are the inventors of the low-power ARM processor design that can be found in more than 90 percent of the today’s smartphones around the world.…

Broadcom Boosts Scores Ranking with Carbon Disclosure Project, Reduces CO2 Impact

Sometimes, it’s the little things – like adjustments to lighting, or heating and cooling systems in office buildings, among other things – that have a big impact.

This week, the Carbon Disclosure Project, the world’s largest database of primary corporate climate change information, released its yearly ratings of participating companies, and Broadcom is proud to report a substantial improvement in its performance.

For the fifth consecutive year, Broadcom’s disclosure score has improved – jumping to 92 this year, up from …

By the Numbers: Broadcom’s Patent Prowess Boosts Innovation, Invention

Patents are the lifeblood of any engineering company. A healthy patent pipeline translates into a steady flow of groundbreaking new products and feeds the deep well of innovation that companies aim to cultivate among their best and brightest employees.

At Broadcom, patents are personal. They’re what engineers have to show for their thousands of research hours and long days in the lab. They are badges of honor and pride.

With close to 12,000 employees — nearly 1,000 of them holding …

Broadcom Gets Hacked: Engineering Interns Crunch Code for Prizes, Bragging Rights

The idea of a hack-a-thon — where programmers get together and flex their coding muscles in a marathon group session — isn’t new.

There’ve been similar events all over the world for games, music, mobile apps, even actual exploit hacks where programmers manipulate machines to do their will — for good or for evil.

While the particulars of each hack-a-thon are different, the idea is the same: Put a lot of smart people in a room and create …

Broadcom Chief Scott McGregor Named One of the Top 100 STEM CEOs

The corporate sector has taken up the call to support STEM education — by funding enriching opportunities for students to study and stick with the disciplines of science, technology, engineering and math — and Broadcom is no exception.

Broadcom Chief Executive Scott McGregor was recently included on a list of the top 100 CEO leaders in STEM (Science, Engineering, Technology and Math) — a distinguished group of execs that are frontrunners in promoting education in these important subjects. He was …

Broadcom Foundation Looks to Engineering Students for the “Next Big Thing”

Microsoft, Google, and Facebook were all started by students who never could have predicted that their projects — and products — would change the world. But the winners of the Broadcom Foundation University Research Competition, selected by a panel of technical experts at Broadcom and hundreds of the company’s top engineers, just might.

Broadcom co-founder, Chairman and Chief Technical Officer Henry Samueli kicked off the evening by introducing the 12 competitors— graduate-level engineering students who hail from top universities around …

Broadcom’s Engineering Zeitgeist: Company Recognizes Innovators Among its Ranks

To the untrained ear, the degrees and credentials earned by Broadcom’s deeply talented brain trust can sound like alphabet soup. Engineers’ names are often followed by a trail of patents, products and Ph.D.s that might stymie outsiders but motivate and inspire their colleagues who are savvy enough to recognize legitimate technical breakthroughs when they see them.

Within Broadcom, everybody knows that these accomplishments are what propel the company — and, in many ways, innovation within society — forward. That’s why …

Innovation Comes Full Circle as Engineers Bring Ideas, Enthusiasm to Broadcom Technical Confab

Academics and Ted Talk-goers alike love a good brainstorm. The thought is this: Get a lot of smart people together to hash out new ideas, and surely, all that cerebral electricity is bound spark an idea that no one’s had the gumption to try — at least not yet.

It’s in this same spirit that Broadcom hosts a Technical Conference near its Irvine, Calif., headquarters. The company gathers up its top engineers from around the world for a two-day-long …