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Walking in a WICED™ Wonderland: Broadcom Demos Plethora of IoT Devices at CES 2015 Preview Event

With the International Consumer Electronics Show just a few weeks away, tech bloggers and industry watchers are already speculating about the next big thing in consumer electronics, things like flexi-screened televisions or cars that don’t require a driver.

But Broadcom’s connectivity experts know that the next trend won’t be around “the next big thing” but instead, around lots of little “things” connected via apps to smartphones and the Internet.

Called the “Internet of Things,” the growth of these wirelessly …

CES 2015: Broadcom Connectivity a Standout Among Innovation Award Nominees

We’ve all heard of “Christmas creep”—where twinkling previews of the upcoming holidays show up on store shelves well before the official kickoff of Black Friday.

Same could be said for “CES creep.” That’s where tech bloggers and consumer electronics enthusiasts get a jump on making predictions about the hottest trends and products at the industry’s biggest trade show, the International Consumer Electronics Show.

The Consumer Electronics Association, the industry trade group that puts on the massive tech …

DISH’s Super Joey, with Broadcom Satellite Chip Inside, Gets CES Applause

Although the International Consumer Electronics Show wrapped up last week, the media’s still buzzing about the thousands of new products that debuted at the yearly tech-stravaganza.

Among them was DISH Network’s Super Joey, a companion set-top box based on Broadcom’s BCM7346 processor, that adds two additional satellite tuners to DISH’s popular Hopper.

Last week, the Super Joey took home a CES Editor’s Choice Award, an inaugural competition by and the Consumer Electronics Association, the industry group that …

CES 2014: Five Reasons Why 5G WiFi is the Foundation for the Connected Home

LAS VEGAS — It’s clear that the connected home — a big, futuristic idea that’s a consistent trend-driver at the annual International Consumer Electronics Show — will require a wide range of wireless networking technologies.

From where Broadcom sits, deep in the South Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center, it’s 5G WiFi (based on the speedy 802.11ac standard) that will become the centerpiece of that vision.

Dino Bekis, vice president of marketing mobile wireless connectivity, in the Mobile & Wireless Group …

Video Roundup: See the Blog Squad in Action at CES 2014

It’s tough to convey the frenetic energy, round-the-clock excitement and sheer scale of the International Consumer Electronic Show (CES),  but the Blog Squad made it out of Las Vegas (backpacks heavy, pockets light) after a whirlwind week of chronicling the best of Broadcom’s activities.

For the folks back home, there is no real substitute for the tech industry’s greatest show on Earth. To that end, we made sure our coverage of the annual tech gathering included lots of video shot

Broadcom Partner Electric Imp Does the Heavy Lifting for Internet of Things

In a way, the home is one of the least-techy areas of our lives. All of its constituent systems and parts are rarely seen as a unified body, but rather, as a sum of things: sofas, televisions, desks, computers, appliances, and anything with an “on” switch.

It’s a good analogy for the nascent Internet of Things, in which thousands of previously non-networked devices are getting tech-savvy. They’re slowly getting hooked up to each other, to the cloud, and to utility …

News Roundup: Broadcom Plays Into Top Trends at CES 2014

Thousands of tech companies compete to be heard amid the buzz  about the latest gadgets and gizmos on display at the International Consumers Electronics Show (CES). It takes something special to grab the attention of the assembled journalists, and this year, Broadcom was up to the task, garnering headlines across publications from national newspapers to trade blogs.

Below is a roundup of the biggest stories and what reporters and bloggers had to say about Broadcom at CES 2014.

Before this

In-Car Infotainment: Not Just a Head Unit Anymore

LAS VEGAS — Getting safely from point A to point B in the connected car is more complex than ever, thanks to a new crop of sophisticated technology that’s set to give drivers and passengers alike a more personalized and entertaining ride.

For one, communications technology in the car is expanding the industry’s definition of “infotainment.”

Showing off the proof of concept on a packed show floor at the Consumer Electronics Show this week, Parrot SA Vice President of Global Operations Eric

Blog Squad Dispatch: Weird and Wacky CES

LAS VEGAS — The Consumer Electronics Show, the yearly trade gathering of tech movers and shakers from around the world, is one of those places where the weird and the wonderful come together.

Perhaps the same could be said about the show’s host city, Las Vegas.

But for every groundbreaking consumer “It” device that debuts at the show, there are more than a few head-scratchers.

Exhibitors at this year’s show unveiled some of the most bizarre contraptions we’ve seen, and …

CES Video Demo: Passive Presence Tech for Context-Aware Location Apps

LAS VEGAS — Wi-Fi access points will soon be doing double-duty. Not only will they connect your favorite devices to the Internet and the cloud, but they’ll help triangulate your location indoors — pinpointing it within a meter.

With that kind of accuracy, new doors open for the development of what’s called “context-aware” apps and services.

The underlying technology stems from chips and software that use Wi-Fi access spots to pinpoint a device’s location, said Shah Ullah, founder and Chief Executive …