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Parrot’s Drones: Let’s Hear it for the Toys

While the International Consumer Electronics Show is fading into memory, there’s one class of gadgets that continue to fly high in tech headlines: Drones.

These flying, hopping, roving vehicles were all over the show floor (and in the air) last week in Las Vegas, with Parrot SA showing off its collection in the South Hall.

This new crop of personal — or hobbyist — drones have come a long way from the remote controlled gadgets of past years. They come …

Kudos for 4K Joey: Broadcom Processors Inside DISH’s Award-Winning Ultra HD Set-Top Box

If there’s one clear trend to emerge from the International Consumer Electronics Show last week, it’s that 4K television is well on its way to the mainstream.

Ultra HD television sets are coming down in price and the industry is seeing an uptick in 4K content production, including efforts by Sony (in partnership with Netflix), AmazonYouTube and satellite operator DirecTV.

Broadcom is collaborating behind the scenes with industry leaders, including DISH, on the missing piece: How …

Broadcom’s Reach at CES 2015 Catches Media Attention

LAS VEGAS — The International Consumer Electronics Show, much like most industry trade shows, allow companies a chance to showcase their latest products, offer a peek at products on the year-ahead road map and hold face-to-face meetings with customers and partners.

But one of the bigger wins at a show like CES is news coverage. Thousands of journalists and bloggers from around the world converge on Las Vegas for CES so that their readers and viewers can also get

The Freaks Come Out in Vegas: Top Five Weirdest CES 2015 Sightings

LAS VEGAS — With some 2 million square feet of exhibit space, the International Consumer Electronics Show is a technophile’s paradise.

But don’t think that every gadget on display across the vast show earns a “ooh-aah” reception from every passer-by. Many of the gadgets here earn some strange looks and “What the heck?” reactions.

To get a sense of some of the bizarre out there, we sent the Broadcom Blog Squad out on the floor in search of the weird …

Broadcom Expands Use Cases for NFC, the Next Step in an IoT World

LAS VEGAS — Near Field Communication (NFC), the “tap-to-activate” technology touted most often by its association with mobile payment systems, is starting to see a slow creep into other consumer applications, such as sharing contacts between mobile phones, sending print jobs to wireless printers or pairing a headset with a smartphone.

Across the show floor of the International Consumer Electronics Show, signs of NFC’s reach were more obvious than previous years.  Toshiba, for example, showed digital camera memory

Vlog Roll: Broadcom Blog Squad Reports on Top CES Demos [VIDEOS]

LAS VEGAS — As the International Consumer Electronics Show wraps up, there’s always some regret among attendees about what they may have missed. To help out those who might have missed Broadcom’s headlines, we dispatched a team of Blog Squadders to the Broadcom booth for a close-up look at some of this year’s top technologies.

Here’s what they found:

Wireless Charging Gets Real: It’s been a long time coming, but a universal wireless charging solution is closer than ever now

Wireless Charging at CES 2015: Juice Without the Hassle

LAS VEGAS — Anyone whose nightly ritual includes plugging in multiple electronic devices for overnight re-juicing will be happy to learn about some big advancements in the world of wireless charging.

At the International Consumer Electronics Show this week, two industry consortia – the Alliance for Wireless Power (A4WP) and the Power Matters Alliance – announced their intent to join forces and merge into one organization. This paves the way for a universal standard for wireless charging in the

Broadcom’s 5G WiFi: 5 Ways it Improves Your Internet Experience

LAS VEGAS — Before I was hired to be part of Broadcom’s Blog Squad at the International Consumer Electronics Show this week, I hadn’t really given much thought to how much or how often an embedded semiconductor company touches our lives.

I quickly discovered that Broadcom’s Wi-Fi and Bluetooth chips and other connection wizardry reside in the mechanical closets of most of our gadgets. That includes phones, computers, set top boxes, game consoles, dongles — really any electronic device that wants

Go Gigabit: More Connected Devices Drives Broadband Demand

LAS VEGAS — Truth be told, the big headlines from this week’s International Consumer Electronics Show likely won’t focus on Gigabit speed broadband in the home.

“As we begin to use the Internet and other services more, the pipe going into the home needs to get bigger and bigger,” said Jay Kirchoff, vice president of marketing in the Broadband & Connectivity Group at Broadcom.

“A couple of years ago you probably had two or three devices in your home that

A BroadR-Reach® for the Connected Car at CES 2015

LAS VEGAS — A stroll through the Las Vegas Convention Center this week left no doubt that the biggest mobile device on display is the automobile. But unlike a traditional car show, no one at the International Consumer Electronics Show is asking about gas mileage and road performance.

Instead, at the biggest technology show of the year, carmakers are touting automotive connectivity – from the integration with smartphones and tablets to a growing auto app ecosystem to the technologies that will