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Broadcom Makes Headlines in India with Connectivity Tech Event

Advanced smartphone features — such as rich graphics, mobile payments or the screen-sharing capabilities that come with Miracast — typically have been limited to the newest, premium devices sold in the U.S. and Europe.

Now, the excitement around those sorts of offerings is spreading to emerging markets, notably India, a country where mobile phones have seen skyrocketing adoption because of their affordability, more than the bells and whistles that they offer.

At a recent media event in New Delhi, Broadcom

Rajiv Kapur in CXO Today: Engineering the Next-Generation of Indian Television and Beyond

Editor’s Note: Broadcom experts often weigh in on popular topics on industry sites around the Web. Below is a reprint of a story that appeared in CXO Today, in which Rajiv Kapur, Managing Director at Broadcom, talks about Broadcom’s role in satellite TV in India.

From CXO Today:

Over the past 20 years, the Indian television market has evolved dramatically in terms of quality and variety of content, as well as the services and features now available. …

Pay TV Goes Global: Broadcom Brings Next-Gen Satellite TV into India

Television is changing in India – and not just quality and variety of pictures on viewers’ screens but also the services and features that providers are now able to offer their customers.

It’s all part of an on-going shift that stems from a couple of regional trends – the years-long changeover from analog broadcast to digital transmissions, as well as the deregulation and subsequent explosion of new operators on-hand to offer TV upgrades.

It’s a big market with a lot …

Broadcom’s Android Smartphone Designs: Driving 3G Momentum in India, China

In countries like China and India, where consumers have voracious appetites for smartphones, device makers have started to rethink how they do business.

Today, it takes only a couple of months and a small engineering team — instead of the old standard of a year — to push a new device into the market. And those devices are not only more affordable, but they’re equipped with the unique features that specific geographies require.

It’s Broadcom technology — including its turnkey …

From CCBN: Set-Top Box Tech Tailored For China’s Growing Cable Market

BEIJING — From the floor of the China Content Broadcasting Network show this week, one trend is clear: Growth is on the horizon for the cable television landscape in China.

Today’s cable industry in China is expanding at full tilt for a number of reasons. First, a change in administration is expected to bring a boost to the economy and increase capital spending on infrastructure. Second, a sweeping Next-Generation Broadband initiative and a nationwide transition from analog to digital broadcast …

Broadcom at CCBN: Beijing Brings Cable to the Forefront

The growth of China’s middle class — which has already surpassed 300 million people — is being met with initiatives to update the country’s cable TV infrastructure. The most up-to-the-minute technologies will give consumers the opportunity to experience new digital features and services that come with stronger broadband connections.

This week, Broadcom will be showcasing its innovative technologies for the cable industry at the China Content Broadcasting Network Exhibition (CCBN) in Beijing, where companies ranging from service providers to embedded …

Report: China, India Big Drivers for Smartphone Growth

Earlier this week, market researcher IDC came out with a headline-grabbing statistic:  Mobile phone sales scales will tip in favor of smartphones, which are expected to out-ship feature phones for the first time ever later this year.

At Broadcom, this moment is something we’ve predicted — and anticipated — for nearly a decade.

IDC forecasts vendors shipping some 919 million smartphones in 2013, just over the halfway mark of the global total mobile phone shipments for the year.

Perhaps …

Pay TV Goes Global: Countdown to Russia’s Digital Transition

Paid television services are on a growth tear in countries around the world — and Russia is emerging as a standout.

At the CSTB Conference in Moscow this week, Broadcom’s Dan Marotta, executive vice president and general manager of the Broadband Communications Group, will address the attendees from the keynote stage to talk about the technologies that enable the portability of video and introduce the company’s latest offerings for the country’s upcoming switch to digital TV.

“Russian audiences increasingly …

Broadcom’s Triple Threat: “Turnkey” Platforms Lower Smartphone Costs

Consumers are demanding more from their phones and they want it all in an affordable package.

With each iteration of mobile phone technology, they’re seeking out devices that do more and do it faster.  No longer are they content with phones that simply download files or share photos and music.  Instead, the expectation has grown to encompass an interactive mobile experience, including emailing, shooting video, running apps of all types, and sharing it all with friends. That’s on top of …

Meet the $100 Smartphone: A Top Growth-Driver in Emerging Markets

The adoption of smartphones continues to gain global momentum – and one of the main drivers is affordability.

Broadcom has found itself at the center of this trend, providing the technology that’s helping manufacturers and suppliers bring the cost of smartphones down to unprecedented levels. In some cases, those price points are dropping below $100, a magic number that’s seems to be fueling the growth of the market in the U.S. and abroad.

AT&T, for example, made a splash this …