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Go Gigabit: More Connected Devices Drives Broadband Demand

LAS VEGAS — Truth be told, the big headlines from this week’s International Consumer Electronics Show likely won’t focus on Gigabit speed broadband in the home.

“As we begin to use the Internet and other services more, the pipe going into the home needs to get bigger and bigger,” said Jay Kirchoff, vice president of marketing in the Broadband & Connectivity Group at Broadcom.

“A couple of years ago you probably had two or three devices in your home that

Are You Wi-Fi Ready? Smart Devices Need Robust 5G WiFi to Maximize Their Potential

When the Internet comes to a crawl, frustrated users are quick to question strength of their signals or the performance of their devices. But there’s something else that could be slowing the experience – and chances are that it’s not the broadband connection.

It’s the router.

Today’s routers have a greater task than routers of just five years ago. The modern day router has to serve many devices — old and new and with varying capabilities — on the same home or office wireless …

Rajiv Kapur in Cable Quest: “Developers are Providing Seamless Connectivity Throughout the Home”

Editor’s Note: Broadcom experts often weigh in on popular topics on industry sites around the Web. Below is a reprint of a story that appeared in Cable Quest India, in which Rajiv Kapur, Senior Director of Business Development at Broadcom, talks about understanding the role of wearable technology in healthcare.

From Cable Quest India:

Marketers no longer have to conduct marketing studies to prove that consumers have an insatiable appetite for smart devices, along with the world of …

Wi-Fi Boost: Turbocharged Home Networking with Six-Stream 802.11ac MIMO

With the average consumer household sporting roughly six connected devices, home Wi-Fi networks are tasked with carrying an increasingly heavy load.

Smartphones, tablets, PCs, set-top boxes, gaming devices and, now, even a new class of wearables that register health and fitness activities— are all tapping the same wireless router.

And now that the newest flavor of Wi-Fi — 802.11ac, or 5G WiFi — is starting to show up in client devices, there’s even more pressure on the workhorse router …

Lifehacker List: 5G WiFi-Powered Routers Make the Cut

The router — the humble, antennae-topped box at the heart of home wireless local area networks — isn’t the most celebrated consumer electronics device.

Still, it’s a gadget important enough for life-improvement blog Lifehacker to put out a call last week for its readers to take a “fresh look” at the best ones on the market.

The results are in, and Broadcom’s 802.11ac Wi-Fi connectivity technology is the common denominator among four out of the five devices on Lifehacker’s list

Clint Brown in Wi-Fi Alliance: “802.11ac Represents a Dramatic Leap Forward” in Wi-Fi Technology

Editor’s Note: Broadcom experts often weigh in on popular topics on industry sites around the Web. Below is a reprint of a story that appeared on the Wi-Fi Alliance blog, in which Clint Brown, Director of Business Development at Broadcom, talks about 5G WiFi.

From The Wi-Fi Alliance:

In 2007, Apple’s first iPhone hit the shelf. That same year, the fourth generation of Wi-Fi® technology—802.11n—was introduced as a wireless technology to meet the demand for medium-resolution video such as …

Report: Broadcom’s Home Networking Technologies Rank First for Innovation

When it comes to home networking technologies, Broadcom is an industry leader that is “well-positioned to lead” the hybrid wired-wireless networking space, according to an analyst report issued today by ABI Research.

In the report, Broadcom was named first among the top five chipmakers for innovation and implementation of home networking technologies. That conclusion was based on a competitive analysis by ABI that looked at the top home networking standards, such as HomePlug, MoCA, Wi-Fi and others.…

IPTV Gets Supercharged with 5G WiFi

Perhaps the most salient feature of the “always-on” digital age is that consumers want their content, and they want it now.

Whether it’s viewed on a smart TV, a tablet or a smartphone, streamed via an Internet-connected set-top box or stored on a laptop and beamed to another device, the expectation is still the same: Access to content should be easy, seamless, and available anytime, anywhere in the home.

For cable, satellite and other pay-TV operators around the world, the …

Netgear Picks Broadcom for Powerline Push

They call it “no-hassle networking.”

It’s a phrase that’s music to our ears this week at the International Consumer Electronics Show, where every kind of shiny, new gadget is vying for both an Internet connection and spot in our homes.

We’ve talked about the simplicity and intuitiveness of Powerline Communications and how the HomePlug Alliance, a Broadcom partner and champion of Powerline networking standard HomePlug AV, is taking the technology to the next level with new products all …

Connected Home Technologies: See the Enhanced In-Home Experience at CES

The ultimate connected home is heading to Las Vegas for the big Consumer Electronics Show next month and the top home networking alliances are getting ready for more than just demos of their technologies. This year, the focus is on how they work together to bring home connectivity to the next level.

Those networking groups’ technology standards – Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA), HomePlug, Multimedia over Coax (MoCA) and Wi-Fi – are already working in today’s home. Multi-room …