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Raspberry Pi Heads to the Final Frontier, with Help from UK Students

The Raspberry Pi, a $35 microcomputer designed for the Raspberry Pi Foundation by co-founder and Broadcom engineer Eben Upton, has seen its share of adventures.

It’s been presented to the Queen at Buckingham Palace, flown with weather balloons into Earth’s atmosphere, and according to a recent blog post, reached a staggering milestone of 5 million units sold.

Now, thanks to a joint effort between the Raspberry Pi Foundation, the UK Space Agency and the European Space Agency

Love to Get Your Hands on a Raspberry Pi 2? Hat Tip to Broadcom

We know that four and a half million of you think the Raspberry Pi is great as it is – but with the help of Broadcom’s innovative chip design and engineering, the Raspberry Pi team has made it even better.

Meet the Raspberry Pi 2, a second-generation microcomputer that offers more than six times the computing power of the Raspberry Pi Foundation’s original Raspberry Pi, without compromising the credit card-sized form factor or the affordable purchase price.

The Raspberry …

Want Wi-Fi for your Raspberry Pi? Broadcom Adapter Brings Connectivity with Less Power

The Raspberry Pi microcomputer has been to outer space, to meet the Queen and has landed in classrooms as far away as rural India.

Today, the pocket-sized, bare-bones computer can visit the Web, with help from a new, affordable device with Broadcom® WICED™ Wi-Fi technology.

Broadcom and the Raspberry Pi Foundation announced a Broadcom USB hub and Wi-Fi adapter that’s optimized for the Raspberry Pi. 

Buy one here.

“It gives you full-featured Wi-Fi connectivity out of the box

Model B+: Raspberry Pi Ups its Game with New Improvements

The Raspberry Pi — an affordable, bare-bones computer that’s about the size of a credit card — hasn’t changed much since its release more than two years ago. This week, the beloved microcomputer got a mini-facelift, and the result is the new and improved Raspberry Pi Model B+.

Broadcom technical director Eben Upton, who is also the co-founder and public face of the U.K.-based Raspberry Pi Foundation, declared that “this isn’t a ‘Raspberry Pi 2’, but rather the …

Big Week for a Little Computer: Raspberry Pi Gets a Royal Reception; 3 Million Sold

The Raspberry Pi microcomputer got a royal reception last week by none other than Her Majesty the Queen Elizabeth II.

Broadcom technical director and Raspberry Pi co-creator Eben Upton showcased the Raspberry Pi among the UK’s most promising technologies at the U.K. Tech Reception. The event was held at Buckingham Palace, where the Queen turned out to learn about homegrown innovations like the $25 Pi.

The team from the Raspberry Pi Foundation, a Cambridge, U.K.-based group that aims to …

Broadcom’s Eben Upton Named Hero of the Fortune 500 for Raspberry Pi

When you alter the way kids learn about technology, people are bound to take notice.

This week, Fortune recognized Broadcom technical director Eben Upton as one of its “Heroes of the Fortune 500” for getting a low-cost, pocket-sized computer into the hands of programming students around the world.  

The Heroes of the Fortune 500 recognizes 50 employees of Fortune 500 companies that use their professional skills and expertise to actively participate in their local communities.

They’re an esteemed bunch: …

Fortune: Heroes of the Fortune 500 Profile on Eben Upton

Editor’s Note: The Fortune writeup of Eben Upton’s “Heroes of the Fortune 500″ is accessible by subscription only. We’ve excerpted it below. 

Like many children of 1980s Britain, Eben Upton learned to program on a BBC Microcomputer — a hands-on machine that was widely available in schools and proved a valuable introduction to his future career.

Yet by 2006, he and colleagues at Cambridge, where Upton completed his Ph.D., had noticed a steep drop-off in applicants to the

Raspberry Pi-Based Smart Sprinkler Gets a Boost from Broadcom Processor

You might be surprised to learn it’s not just hoards of Raspberry Pi fanatics and hobbyists that are doing interesting, impactful things with the BCM2835-based device.

The chip, a low-cost, versatile applications processor that’s at the heart of the Raspberry Pi Foundation’s bestselling $25 mini-computer, is being used by other innovative startups.

One such company, Bay Area-based Droplet Inc., is tapping the low-power BCM2835 processor for its latest Internet of Things (IoT) device — a $300 smart sprinkler …

Happy Birthday, Raspberry Pi! More Than 2.5M and Counting

The Raspberry Pi — the pocket-sized, bare-bones computer based on a Broadcom chip — has amassed a homegrown base of fans who love to tweet about their latest Pi-based projects, post tutorials on YouTube and plan “Raspberry Jam” sessions where novices can learn to up their programming game.

With 2.5 million Raspberry Pi computers sold, it’s hard to believe that it’s only been two years since its launch. But as the team at the Raspberry Pi Foundation celebrates its second …

Raspberry Pi Architect Eben Upton Gets Engineering Nod from UK’s Royal Academy

Broadcom engineer and Raspberry Pi inventor Eben Upton has been raking in the accolades of late, with glowing write-ups in national news outlets like Wired UK, the New York Times and the BBC and a spot last year on the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s “35 Innovators Under 35” list.

Upton has been recognized the world over for being among the architects of the Raspberry Pi, a credit-card-sized computer that’s inspiring kids, hobbyists and hackers to get hands-on with programming.…