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Demo: Broadcom Links Technologies to Take Friend-Finder Capabilities to New Level [VIDEO]

Smartphone owners already reap the benefits of location-based services in their devices as they check real-time traffic, locate the nearest gas station or even map an afternoon run. Coming soon, they’ll be able to locate their smartphone-carrying friends, too — thanks to a new technology that’s leveraging Broadcom’s Wi-Fi expertise.

By combining two proven strategies — known as “Neighbor Awareness Networking” (NAN) and “Round-Trip Time” (RTT) — with super speedy, longer-range 802.11ac Wi-Fi, Broadcom enables several devices to calculate the …

MWC 2014: Broadcom Engineering First, Packs 5G WiFi 2×2 MIMO into Smartphones

For most consumers, the smartphone has become the PC replacement, a portable device that allows users to surf the Web, manage email and keep up with their favorite social media.

And yet, while the connectivity technology that powers that smartphone has improved over the years, it still lacks one critical feature that would put it on equal footing with the laptop or tablet PC: a 2×2 MIMO solution.

MIMO, or Multiple Input Multiple Output, is a wireless technology that’s found …

GPS World Blog: Geofencing and Location Apps Shouldn’t Be a Battery Killer

When it comes to mobile devices, it’s no secret that battery life matters. In fact, it matters so much that smartphone users have been known to shut down location-based applications — those that are intended to enhance the mobile experience — because they can sap the battery before the end of the day.

Among those features with a bad rep for draining the device’s battery are location-tracking technologies  — features that not only provides utility tools such as reminders, but also offer up conveniences …

Is Bigger Better? Hybrid “Phablets” are the Best of Both Worlds

In the world of mobile devices, there’s a blurry line between smartphones and tablets. On one hand, smartphones offer mobile computing in a device that fits into the palm of your hand and slips easily into a pocket. Tablets, on the other hand, deliver large vibrant screens, ideal for watching video or playing games, but aren’t quite small enough to carry everywhere.

Now, a crossover product category is starting to emerge and the outlook for the “phablet” – or “phoneblet,” …

HTC One® Paves the Way for 5G WiFi in Smartphones

Editor’s Note: This was originally written for HTC and is cross-posted on its blog.

Better, stronger and faster is demanded by customers with the release of every new mobile phone. They don’t just want a smartphone that can stream movies. They want one that plays movies without lag time and with high-quality stereo sound that can fill a room. A smartphone camera that takes high-quality pictures is required.

The same is true for Wi-Fi connectivity. Today’s users want …

Connectivity from Here to the Galaxy (S4)

The launch of Samsung’s Galaxy S4 smartphone has been one of the most anticipated releases of a consumer technology device ever – right up there with Google Glass, the HTC One, Sony’s PlayStation 4 and just about every version of the iPhone. As eager as some consumers were to get their hands on the device, there were also plenty of tech enthusiasts who were just as eager to peek under-the-hood and get a look at the technologies that make …

HTC One®, With 5G WiFi, “Best in Show” at Mobile World Congress

This week’s Mobile World Congress show in Barcelona showcases the latest and greatest in all kinds of mobile gadgets. Among the sleek new smartphones and tablets, the HTC One® was a standout: it nabbed “best in show” awards from a handful of publications and trade groups.

GSMA, the trade organization that puts on the annual Mobile World Congress, picked the One as the “Best New Mobile Handset, Device or Tablet” in its 18th annual Global Mobile Awards. HTC was

From Mobile World Congress: 5G WiFi Ecosystem Grows with Arrival of HTC One® Smartphone

With some technologies, adoption is less a matter of “if” and more about “when.”

Just a little over a year ago – at the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show – Broadcom introduced the first family of chips utilizing the next generation of Wi-Fi, 802.11ac. We called it 5G WiFi® and talked about how the industry might see a day when it becomes the wireless standard for streaming music, video or other forms of content.

We’re getting much closer to …

T-Mobile Taps Broadcom for Affordable Smartphone

It’s no secret: The smartphone has become more than just a business tool for on-the-go executives. Today’s smartphones are mobile computers for the masses, devices that allow everyone from teens to seniors the freedom to stream movies, chat with friends, play games and more.

Certainly, robust mobile data networks and well-stocked mobile app stores have been driving forces behind the adoption of smartphones in developed nations. But none of these bells and whistles matter if the average Joe can’t afford …

Vodafone Launches Smart II, an Affordable Smartphone for the Masses

There’s a growing trend today around the demand and emergence of affordable smartphones and today, Vodafone put a stake in the ground further validating it.

Vodafone’s launch of the Smart II, which offers a high level of performance, connectivity and functionality at unprecedented price points, represents a significant step toward getting smartphones in the hands of more people – many whom may have never owned a smartphone before. Much of the world – especially emerging economies – is still transitioning …