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Compression Tech in the Spotlight at IBC as Ultra HD Goes Global

When the pixel-dense, larger-than-life content promised by Ultra HD is ready for prime-time, operators want to be ready.

Meanwhile, HEVC compression technology is helping them optimize their networks and deliver better-quality video to consumers.

For the past few years, Broadcom has been helping cable, IPTV, satellite and terrestrial operators, along with their set-top box partners, get ready with a behind-the-scenes technology that enables delivery of Ultra HD content.

For technical types, it’s a data compression standard called the High Efficiency …

Rajiv Kapur in CXO Today: “Digitization is Enticing Customers to Re-Think How They Watch TV”

Editor’s NoteBroadcom experts often weigh in on popular topics on industry sites around the Web. Below is a reprint of a story that appeared in CXO Today, in which Rajiv Kapur, Senior Director of Business Development at Broadcom, talks about how Broadcom is responding to India’s television digitization mandate.

From CXO Today:

Digitization is one area which is going through an exciting transition over the past several years. The trend has got further momentum as the Telecom …

World Cup Brazil: The Beautiful Game in Beautiful Ultra High Definition

For TV-watching soccer fans of the “beautiful game” in Brazil — the World Cup runneth over.

That means for millions of soccer fans, it doesn’t get any better than 64 soccer games packed into a single month in your home country.

But what if they could watch the final nail-biting matches gorgeously rendered in up to 8 million pixels?

Thanks to a partnership between Broadcom, Elemental and Brazil’s Globosat, they can.

Broadcom said today it’s set to enable satellite …

Broadcom’s Joe Del Rio at NAB: “Consumer TV Behavior is Shifting” [VIDEO]

The way consumers interact with their TV content is constantly evolving.

Joseph Del Rio, associate product line director in the Broadband Communications Group at Broadcom, earlier this month sat down with Beet TV at the National Associate of Broadcaster’s yearly trade show in Las Vegas for an interview that covered the “then” and “now” of how consumers engage with their television content.

He gave a nod to the on-screen channel guide, personal video recording and the ability to “sling” …

IBC 2013: Laying the Groundwork for Ultra HD Adoption

Ultra HD, the next big thing in television technology, may be on the fast-track to living rooms – but before it can get there, it must first get past some potholes and detours along the way.

On the upside for early-adopter consumers, pricing and availability won’t be big deterrents. The Consumer Electronics Association has forecast shipments of more than one million Ultra HD sets by 2015, driven in large part by already plummeting prices and increased consumer demand.

But before …

Pay TV Goes Global: Broadcom Takes on Brazil

The television experience in Brazil is on the verge of a major overhaul – and not just from the analog-to-digital switchover that’s coming down the pipeline in the next few years. Brazil, considered the largest economy in Latin America, has become the new hot spot for pay-TV services, outpacing Russia, China and India and gaining the attention of companies from Samsung to Netflix in the process.

Expect Brazil to be a darling at ABTA, the top broadcasting trade show …

Broadcom’s Full-Band Capture: Digital Tuning That Enables Much More Bandwidth With Much Less Energy

Consider the state of U.S. television today. Digital video recorders have become mainstream. Internet-based applications like Hulu and Netflix are delivering streaming content. And multiple screens — from bedroom TV sets to mobile phones and tablets — are trying to tap into growing home video catalogs.

Today, pay-TV providers need to offer more than just a hefty channel lineup to keep subscribers happy. Today’s viewers want products and services that enhance their viewing experience, such as whole-home connectivity or the …

Digital TV Goes Global

Broadcom is enhancing the global home entertainment experience with another industry first: making next-generation HDTV services available on existing standard networks.

Today, at IPTV World Forum in London, Broadcom announced the BCM3461- the industry’s first fully integrated 40nm DVB-T2 receiver. DVB-T is the most widely deployed DTT (Digital Terrestrial Television) system worldwide, adopted in more than 60 countries and found on more than 200 million receivers. The DVB-T2 is a unique receiver because it enables consumers to enjoy …

Innovation powers HDTV and Pay-TV to reach larger audiences

Broadcom continues to unveil technology that enables providers and operators to deliver a 21st Century television experience to larger audiences.

Today, at the Cable Labs conference in Philadelphia, Broadcom announced a new System on a Chip (SoC) technology that will help accelerate the HDTV transition for some 45 million analog TVs in North America that are currently connected to a cable TV service. The company also announced a new SoC offering that will allow Pay-TV providers with the technology to …