Boxee’s Latest Set-Top Creation on Display at CES

The 2010 debut of the Boxee Box garnered a lot of attention for the scrappy Israeli startup with the same name, drawing some appeal for its hefty tech chops, as well as its eye-catching industrial design.

Boxee CEO demonstrating the set top box at CES 2013

Boxee TV is cloud-based DVR experience that offers playback on mobile devices.

This year, Boxee TV is back with a new, sleeker design and a $99 price tag that’s sure to catch the attention of price-conscious consumers looking for some extra freedom when it comes to watching television. Certainly, the concept of what Boxee offers — a cloud-based DVR experience that offers playback on mobile devices — is intriguing. But at the Broadcom booth at the International Consumer Electronics Show, the buzz is about the technology that’s driving this new television experience.

CES 2013 LogoThe guts of the Boxee Box — with its super-star offering of unlimited DVR storage in the cloud as well as a grab bag of Internet apps and OTT content — are chock full of Broadcom connectivity.

Boxee Chief Operations Officer and cofounder Tom Sella talked up the BCM7231, a set-top box combo chip that includes Wi-Fi connectivity, tuners and more. “This box is, other than memory, all Broadcom,” Sella said. “It’s all-in-one, a Broadcom solution.”

The Boxee TV, as the newest device is called, can store your TV recordings with ability to stream online video and access playback even when offline. It includes the usual lineup of connected TV apps like Pandora, Spotify, Netflix, YouTube and Vimeo.

A screenshot of Boxee's user interface

The device includes the usual lineup of connected TV apps, including Pandora, Netflix and YouTube.

Broadcom’s high definition, IPTV technology does some of the heaviest lifting under the hood of the Boxee TV so the consumer has a seamless multimedia download experience. Likewise, Boxee TV ensures that smartphones, tablets, computers and TVs all are able to support the Boxee experience.

Boxee, with Broadcom technology, is another example of where television is heading — a seamless experience that takes content beyond the living room by tapping the Internet for an anytime, anywhere experience.

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