From CES 2013: Dish Hopper DVR Powered by Broadcom [Video]

woman with kangaroo joey

Broadcom Senior Public Relations Manager Dana Brzozkiewicz cuddles a joey at Dish’s unveiling of the Hopper at CES 2012.

Broadcom partner Dish Network made a splash last year when it trotted out a real, live joey (that’s a baby kangaroo, for the non-Aussies) to introduce the Hopper, a digital video recorder that lets consumers watch TV in any room of the house.

Cute, furry marsupials are a tough act to follow, but Dish is making a go of it again with it’s newest Hopper DVR. The biggest addition this year is that Dish was able to integrate Slingbox’s “fling” functionality, which enables consumers to watch both live and recorded video content anywhere, anytime, on any device: PC, tablet and smartphone.

It works by “encoding and place-shifting live and recorded signals” to the operating system of your choice, according to PC World’s review.

The new Hopper also boasts a meaty 2TB of storage space (which the company said translates to about 500 hours of high-def content or 2,000 hours of standard-def), built in Wi-Fi and at the heart of it — the speedy BCM7425 — a Broadcom gateway system-on-a-chip that doubles the video bandwidth, beefs up security and lowers power consumption. The chip features dual HD decoding and dual transcoding support for streaming simultaneous video broadcast DISH's Hopper and Joey set top boxescontent wirelessly to multiple devices.

The Hopper’s “advanced features come to life with a state-of-the-art 750 MHz Broadcom processor, including Wi-Fi and Bluetooth,” said Vivek Khemka , vice president of product management at Dish Network. “All of these features make it the smoothest and the fastest user interface experience.”

In the video clip below, Sling Vice President of Product Development Paddy Rao, talks with the Blog Squad’s Peter Zhao about Broadcom’s tech in the new Dish Hopper.

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