Global Connectivity Converges at CES 2013

It’s a big world out there. Broadcom recognizes that the love of — and the demand for — the latest and greatest consumer electronics technologies knows no geographic bounds.

As Broadcom heads to Las Vegas for the International Consumer Electronics show this week — where the gadget pageantry is set to dominate the tech media in the U.S. — we’re looking beyond Western borders.An image of a near future city at night

Broadcom’s products are  found everywhere on the planet, from urban corporate data centers and the cloud, to the most isolated villages.

At CES, Broadcom is set to explore what it means to have a truly “Connected Life,” where mobility, Internet access and connectivity converge in a seamless way whether you are at home, at work, or on the go.

In the past year, Broadcom has announced innovative breakthroughs for emerging markets across a number of categories including the growth of affordable smartphones, the increasing demand for robust cable TV infrastructure and the proliferation of broadband around the world. It’s all part of Broadcom’s commitment to “Connecting Everything.”

Among the examples:

  • China: Last year, Broadcom announced key infrastructure technologies that are modernizing the pay-TV landscape in the world’s most populous country. New innovations in cable developed by Broadcom engineers, ushered in the DOCSIS EoC in China. The result is something that specifically addresses China’s government-mandated Next Generation Broadband, or NGB, initiative with a cost-effective and high performance way of implementing high-speed cable networks.
  • Latin America: For a growing number of TV subscribers in Latin America, TV will become an interactive hub that will allow consumers to check their online bank accounts, purchase the latest designs spotted on a favorite telenovela character, or learn more about the upcoming World Cup. Thanks to Broadcom technology, Brazilians are being ushered into the digital TV age.  Broadcom’s technology delivers ISDB-T digital TV broadcasts with faster data speeds, lower power consumption and better costs for operators. Brazilian subscribers will get a chance to check out the benefits of Hybrid TV, which combines DTT with satellite, cable or IPTV to deliver totally new services like video-on-demand and DVR.
  • India: With more than 94 million analog cable TV households, India’s TV market is getting a makeover, thanks in part to Broadcom technology. This past summer, Broadcom announced its new BCM7014, which allows Indian operators to quickly transition from analog to digital TV programming and services as part of its national mandate for TV to go entirely digital.
  • Russia and beyond: On the smartphone front, Broadcom’s work in reducing the costs for manufacturers is translating to the adoption of the devices across a number of emerging markets. Earlier this year, Broadcom announced the BCM21553 — a “3G phone-on-a-chip” that’s now powering devices such as T-Mobile’s Concord and Vodafone’s Smart 2. These affordable sub-$100 smartphones are expected to make up an estimated more than a quarter of the global smartphone market and account for more than $240 billion in sales by 2017. Drilling down further, these devices are estimated to make up 24 percent of the mobile phone market in Brazil, 26 percent in Russia, 22 percent in China and 19 percent in India by then.

CES 2013 LogoLooking ahead, Broadcom will continue to identify not only the key emerging markets that might benefit from its connectivity innovations but will also look across the spectrum of technologies — from smartphones to television to network infrastructure.

Check back later this week for highlights from an International Press Conference that Broadcom will be hosting for journalists who’ll be at CES from countries around the world.

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