Trending at CES: LG’s Smart TV Integrates Broadcom’s 5G WiFi

Since the unveiling of Broadcom’s first 5G WiFi chip at last year’s International Consumer Electronics Show, a number of companies have launched products with the 802.11ac technology, including networking gear such as routers, as well as client devices like notebooks and PCs. This summer, we saw 5G WiFi land in smartphones, too, paired with Bluetooth 4.0 and FM radio on a single, integrated chip.

The next frontier for the super-speedy Wi-Fi connectivity — fittingly revealed this week at the display-fest known by most as CES — is the integration of 5G WiFi into smart TVs.

Today, Broadcom announced that LG Electronics is the first to integrate Broadcom’s 5G WiFi technology into a digital TV, enabling viewers to tap a faster and more reliable wireless connection to deliver content to the big screens in their homes.CES 2013 Logo

Sangyeob Lee, LG Electronics Senior Director of TV Product Planning, said that “partnering with Broadcom allows us to raise the bar and be the first company to introduce the next generation of Wi-Fi in our Smart TV platforms.”

It’s an important milestone for the wireless home entertainment experience. The explosion of video consumption and the growing number of wireless devices being used are all putting stress on older Wi-Fi technologies, which can’t match the speed and heft required to view and share in-demand content. That’s left consumers to experience deteriorated performance, choppy videos and slower load times, especially when streaming content from the cloud, smartphone or tablet to a digital TV.

5G WiFi dramatically improves home wireless range, providing higher-capacity video streaming, the ability to connect multiple devices to the network at the same time and broader coverage with fewer dead spots. It also reduces power consumption by up to 83 percent in mobile devices, so consumers can go longer without having to plug in.

By incorporating the BCM43526 chip  and Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Miracast technology into its newest digital TV products, LG Electronics is ensuring consumers enjoy fast, reliable connectivity between multiple devices anywhere throughout the home. For those attending CES, see LG’s 5G WiFi SmartTV in action at the LG Booth, in the Central Hall (#8204).

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