VentureBeat Interview: Highlights from CES with CTO Henry Samueli

Samueli and 4KTV at Broadcom Booth CES 2013

Credit: Dean Takahashi

VentureBeat‘s Dean Takahashi sat down with Broadcom co-founder, Chairman and Chief Technical Officer Henry Samueli at the company’s booth during last week’s International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

The resulting interview, “Explore the Internet’s future with Broadcom’s broadband pipe dreamer Henry Samueli,” zeroed in on the inevitable bandwidth bottlenecks in the home as consumers demand higher quality video content and expect to watch that content on multiple devices. Samueli talks about how HEVC for Ultra HD TVs and 5G WiFi  can help relieve network congestion and addresses how gigabit connectivity in the home will eventually be accessible to all.

Takahashi also asked Samueli about Broadcom’s biggest broadband announcements at the show and took on the hot topics of Ultra HD TV, 5G WiFi, Miracast media sharing, LTE and more.

Read the full VentureBeat interview here.

Some other highlights from Samueli are below.

On Ultra HD TVs:

  • “Probably the hottest thing at the show is the whole Ultra HD phenomenon. TV sets are first, but without content, you have nothing.”
  • “In the 2015 time frame, you’ll probably see more mainstream adoption of set-top box technology using Ultra HD. We’ll start shipping it in 2014, but the volume will take off in probably 2015. It’s a slow, natural evolution. There’s no major rush for it. But it’s an exciting transition because it’s a major shift.”

On 5G WiFi:

  • “We’re really excited about is the proliferation of wireless everywhere. 5G WiFi in particular. The whole new push to the next generation of Wi-Fi has really opened up new opportunities for media sharing in the house.”
  • “5G WiFi gives you extended reach, extended data rates, and more robust coverage. The carriers are now willing to accept Wi-Fi in the set-top box with the 5G WiFi. We’re getting designed in all over the place.”

On Gigabit-Speed Networking:

  • “It’s an endless cycle. You get more bandwidth in the home. You get more quality video, which demands more bandwidth, which demands more quality. It never ends. But I think that with gigabit home networking, you’ve got enough bandwidth to handle pretty much all the needs you want for a family all watching independent HD video streams, or even Ultra HD quality.”
  • “Fundamentally, bandwidth is not cheap. You have to install a lot of infrastructure … At least in the short-term, the mainstream carriers will likely have to charge more for more bandwidth.”

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