Video Roundup: See the Blog Squad in Action at CES 2014

It’s tough to convey the frenetic energy, round-the-clock excitement and sheer scale of the International Consumer Electronic Show (CES),  but the Blog Squad made it out of Las Vegas (backpacks heavy, pockets light) after a whirlwind week of chronicling the best of Broadcom’s activities.

For the folks back home, there is no real substitute for the tech industry’s greatest show on Earth. To that end, we made sure our coverage of the annual tech gathering included lots of video shot on location by our crack team of Broadcom interns, who doubled as live reporters.  

Below are the videos shot on location at CES, each showcasing demos that Broadcom displayed.

Our video coverage kicked off at the Pepcom Digital Experience where Broadcom showed demos to a select group of tech media. In the clip, Mohamed Awad, director of product marketing in the Mobile and Wireless Group, talks about how his new Samsung Galaxy Gear enhances his mountain bike rides and Brian Bedrosian talks about the efforts behind Broadcom’s WICED platform:

Broadcom kicked off the show proper with a series of announcements about new 5G WiFi chips that will make the next gen wireless tech available to more consumers by expanding the ecosystem of devices that support the standard. Blog Squadder Arunav Sarkar talks with Manny Patel, director of business development, wireless connectivity combos/ wireless access:

As cars continue to become more connected, and infotainment options become more robust, the demands placed on BroadR-Reach Ethernet, Broadcom’s connected car tech, grow immensely. Blog Squadder Katherine Higashida talks to Broadcom’s Tim Lau, associate product line director, Infrastructure & Networking Group:

Location-based services and context awareness are two mobile trends quickly gaining momentum for their numerous uses for consumers, advertisers and retailers. Blog Squadder Evgeny Vinnik spoke to Verizon’s Laura Diaz:

Wearables were a top trend across the show floor and tech inside many of those emerging devices was Broadcom’s WICED™, or  Wireless Internet Connectivity for Embedded Devices platform, that simplifies connectivity for a host of new consumer products. Below, the Blog Squad’s Arunav Sarkar talks to Brian Bedrosian, senior director of product marketing, Mobile & Wireless Group:

As WICED expands the number of connected devices in the home, Broadcom partner Electric Imp provides a platform to connect devices to the Internet. Their product helps device-makers to efficiently and quickly deliver useful, networked consumer electronics to the marketplace. Blog Squad member Arunav Sarkar talked to the CEO of Electric Imp, Hugo Fiennes:

Broadcom experts also participated in discussions about where that tech is headed in the future. Below is a highlight reel from a panel discussion with Scott Pomerantz, senior vice president and general manager, wireless connectivity combos, Mobile & Wireless Group, who talked alongside execs from Ericsson, Boingo and the Wi-Fi Alliance in a panel entitled “Wi-Fi to NFC: What’s Next for Wireless Technology.”

All of the videos are also available at Broadcom’s YouTube Channel, or through our Google + page

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