Netgear Picks Broadcom for Powerline Push

They call it “no-hassle networking.”

It’s a phrase that’s music to our ears this week at the International Consumer Electronics Show, where every kind of shiny, new gadget is vying for both an Internet connection and spot in our homes.

CES 2013 LogoWe’ve talked about the simplicity and intuitiveness of Powerline Communications and how the HomePlug Alliance, a Broadcom partner and champion of Powerline networking standard HomePlug AV, is taking the technology to the next level with new products all over the show floor.

Powerline Networking Adapter

A Powerline Networking Adapter extends Internet connectivity at home via electrical outlets.

Companies like D-Link Systems, Belkin, Devolo, Asus, Buffalo and more are pushing Powerline adapters, and today Netgear joined the fray with its latest lineup of Powerline adapters built around Broadcom’s BCM60321 HomePlug AV system-on-a-chip for consumers, businesses and service providers.

Netgear’s adapters are certified with the HomePlug AV1.1 standard, which ensures that the adapters will play nice with both Wi-Fi and older versions of HomePlug AV technology.

Powerline adapters are virtually “plug and play:” One goes into an outlet near your broadband modem. A second closes the loop at an outlet elsewhere in the house.

Not only does Powerline networking cut down on extra wires throughout the house, it helps Internet-connected devices get the throughput they need to perform their best—up to 200Mb/second.

Powerline networking is a boon to service providers, too, because they can offer new content freshly tailored for  gaming consoles, smart TVs and set-top boxes.

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