Report: Broadcom’s Home Networking Technologies Rank First for Innovation

When it comes to home networking technologies, Broadcom is an industry leader that is “well-positioned to lead” the hybrid wired-wireless networking space, according to an analyst report issued today by ABI Research.

an illustration of the future of the connected home

An illustration showing the MoCA Alliance’s vision of the connected home.

In the report, Broadcom was named first among the top five chipmakers for innovation and implementation of home networking technologies. That conclusion was based on a competitive analysis by ABI that looked at the top home networking standards, such as HomePlug, MoCA, Wi-Fi and others.

Read ABI’s full press release here.

The companies were ranked on a matrix that measured innovation and implementation of technologies in 2011 and 2012, as well as market share data by total nodes shipped in 2011, the most recent full-year data available.

Broadcom emerged as a leader in the vendor matrix analysis with a score of 67.7, the report showed.

“Broadcom finished first overall and in both the innovation and implementation categories. Broadcom has the widest presence in the wired (MoCA and HomePlug) and wireless networking markets and is well positioned to lead the hybrid networking space.”

While Broadcom ranked second in the market share for 2011 node shipments, ABI is bullish on the company’s ability to gain traction in the future. From the report:

“Broadcom is on a good trajectory to capture the top position, particularly as the market matures. Broadcom’s top position in the Wi-Fi market (discrete and combo solutions) also affords the company an advantage as hybrid networking increasingly becomes more commonplace.”


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