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A BroadR-Reach® for the Connected Car at CES 2015

LAS VEGAS — A stroll through the Las Vegas Convention Center this week left no doubt that the biggest mobile device on display is the automobile. But unlike a traditional car show, no one at the International Consumer Electronics Show is asking about gas mileage and road performance.

Instead, at the biggest technology show of the year, carmakers are touting automotive connectivity – from the integration with smartphones and tablets to a growing auto app ecosystem to the technologies that will

Developers Wanted: Bluetooth Low Energy is the Future of Wearables

LAS VEGAS — The groundwork has been laid. The tools are in place. And first-generation wearables, including thousands of smart watches and fitness trackers, are already being worn by tech-loving consumers.

But for the next generation of these sleek gadgets, the industry needs creative developers to dream up more contextual wearable experiences, according to a panel of experts on Bluetooth® Smart at the International Consumer Electronics Show this week.

Bluetooth Low Energy, which is branded Bluetooth Smart, is a technology

CES Keynote: Innovating in the Internet of Things

LAS VEGAS — Just as the International Consumer Electronics Show is focused on offering some insight into the technology trends of the year ahead, the opening keynote speech has become a barometer of sorts for the state of the industry.

Each year, Gary Shapiro, president and CEO of the Consumer Electronics Association, kicks off the show with some projections for the year.

This year, he said consumer electronic sales are expected to grow from $216 billion in 2014 to …

Virtual Piñatas, Breathalyzers and Drones: Broadcom Opens CES 2015 with a Digital Experience

LAS VEGAS — The folks back home, the ones who aren’t here for the tech-fest known as the International Consumer Electronics Show, are always eager to learn about the next big thing. And they rely on their Twitter feeds and favorite news outlets to give them the inside scoop.

That’s why a show like Pepcom’s Digital Experience, held the night before the official opening of CES,  has become such a must-attend event – not only for the members of …

Beyond TV: Expect CES Buzz Around Better Connectivity with Smarter Wi-Fi and More

LAS VEGAS — The International Consumer Electronics Show is often dominated by the hottest devices and the biggest TVs – and rightfully so. After all, when was the last time anyone got excited about a new wireless router or latest Bluetooth widget?

(Not gonna lie. We get excited about that stuff at Broadcom.)

This year, however, the technologies that keep those hot devices and fancy TVs connected – to the Internet, to the network or to each other – is exactly …

No More Waiting: New Smart Extensions, Apps Make Home Automation a Reality

LAS VEGAS — For some time, home automation technology has been a compelling, albeit undercooked, proposition that was mostly out of grasp for everyday homeowners.

But as the technology moves away from discrete devices and more toward tapping the connectivity powers in the devices we already own, that perception is starting to change.

At the International Consumer Electronics Show, home automation was the main topic at a media event where Broadcom had a presence. At a panel hosted by …

Big Power in a Tiny Package: Broadcom Drives New, Smaller Set-Top Boxes that Boost Security, Wi-Fi Performance

LAS VEGAS — Once again, this week’s International Consumer Electronics Show is highlighting big trends around the living room television experience. But in addition to thousands of TVs packed with pixels or screens with sleek curves, some of the excitement this year is focused on the familiar set-top box.

Responsible for delivering content to the viewer’s screen, the traditional set-top box (STB) is not only shrinking in size but also gaining new capabilities, bringing new life to a class of …

CES 2015: Broadcom’s Blog Squad Geared Up for the Greatest (Tech) Show on Earth

With more than 160,000 people expected to arrive in Las Vegas next week for the annual International Consumer Electronics Show, there isn’t much room left for those who are simply curious about the next big thing to come out of the tech industry.

That’s why we’ve rounded up a crew of bloggers — three lucky Broadcom interns and one seasoned blogger — to take in the full CES experience and share it with all of you, via blog posts …

International “Car” Electronics Show? CES 2015 Rolls on with Connected Cars in the Fast Lane

Take a glance around the cavernous halls of the Las Vegas Convention Center, as well as the breezeways outside, and you might mistake the 2015 International Consumer Show for an exhibition for the auto industry.

The Consumer Electronics Association, which puts on the yearly tech-fest, said it expects a record 10 automakers to exhibit at the show and will cover more than 165,000 square feet of space, up 17 percent from a year ago. 

Add to that the high-profile

CES 2015: Let NFC Personalize Your Ride

Consumers know that the ultimate mobile device is the one that’s on four wheels – and Broadcom’s technology is increasingly geared toward bringing the smartphone experience to the car.

Today Broadcom at the International Consumer Electronics Show announced the BCM89095, an which offers automotive-grade support for the popular “tap-to-activate” technology called Near Field Communication (NFC).

Tech-savvy consumers will likely recognize NFC as a convenient way to pair up devices (such as a Bluetooth headset with a mobile phone) …