Near Field Communication is a (Video) Game Changer for Wii U

The Nintendo Wii U

Nintendo Wii U console hit store shelves Nov. 18th.

The Holy Grail of video games – incorporating real-life elements into virtual games – is on the horizon. With the integration of Near Field Communication technology into Nintendo’s Wii U, which hits store shelves this month, the possibilities for new, interactive user experiences are closer than ever.          

Near Field Communication, or NFC, isn’t new to the tech scene – companies have been playing up the potential for NFC to revolutionize mobile payments for some time now. But it’s the use of the technology in other ways, like part of the video game experience, which has the potential to incite fresh buzz around the low-power, close range wireless radio technology. NFC promises a whole new user experience, all with a simple tap.

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 The Wii U incorporates a slew of great technology, including the GamePad, Nintendo’s new controller with a 6.2 inch touchscreen. Broadcom is playing a pivotal role in the Wii U not only by enabling its wireless connectivity but also by helping the Wii U to be the first system to incorporate NFC. Coupled with dramatically enhanced dual-band WiFi technology and high-performance Bluetooth connectivity, Nintendo’s Wii U is creating an immersive gaming experience that’s unique to each user.

The Nintendo Wii U with TVNintendo has yet to reveal its specific plans for NFC, but the possibilities are virtually endless. Broadcom’s long-standing partnership with Nintendo will transform how games are played and how players interact, and the incorporation of NFC has the potential to redefine the electronics landscape in gamers’ living rooms. Game on!


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