Samsung Galaxy S5 Hits Stores, Chock Full of Broadcom Tech

One of the most-anticipated smartphones of the season hits the store shelves today. And thanks to the techies who take apart products to see what’s inside, consumers already know that the Samsung Galaxy S5 is much more than a pretty screen.Samsung Galaxy S5 Smartphone

First teased at Mobile World Congress, the Android-based Galaxy S5 has been generating quite a bit of buzz in recent weeks as device enthusiasts have been eager to know what’s inside this newest smartphone. Now, it’s been revealed – the Galaxy S5 is chock full of some of Broadcom’s most innovative technologies.

2×2 MIMO for Next-Gen Wi-Fi

Specifically, enthusiasts are noting the inclusion of Broadcom’s BCM4354, a combo chip that brings the 2×2 MIMO antenna technology that’s responsible for the increased speed, range and throughput of the 5G WiFi (802.11ac) connectivity in the phone. 

Understanding 2×2 MIMO: Download and share the infographic

The BCM4354 enables smartphones like the S5 to find and keep a clearer and more powerful Wi-Fi signal, essentially doubling wireless performance and widening coverage areas, while increasing system power efficiency.

For consumers, that means that their mobile Wi-Fi experience gets markedly better, enabling them to do things like send photos from crowded events (like a concert), eliminate “dead spots” where the router’s signal can’t reach in their homes, and get faster downloads and Web surfing while on the go.

“Engineering MIMO antenna technology can be challenging in a small form factor phone,” said David Recker, senior director of product marketing in the Mobile & Wireless Group at Broadcom. “However, the S5 has proven that this is possible with Broadcom’s 5G WiFi MIMO technology.”

Recker added that Samsung gave the consumer Wi-Fi experience top billing for the new phone.

“It’s the first phone in the world to launch with 2×2 MIMO,” he said. “It’s designed to give the consumer a big boost in performance when needed the most, such as in crowded venues or at home when signals are blocked by walls.”

GPS and Sensors

An investigation by EE Times and also found “a bevy of sensors,” including an accelerometer, heart rate monitor, gyroscope, barometer, humidity sensor, gesture and fingerprint recognition.

These sensors are designed to make the S5 a wearable workhorse for fitness-tracking, running and location apps.

Broadcom’s GPS technology — also revealed by to be in select models of the the S5 — makes this data more accurate and use less power.

Broadcom does this by supporting five different satellite systems that work together to provide pinpoint location accuracy, especially deep in urban environments where buildings can block signals.

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